Doing Sew Sew

Such a busy time of year!

Nothing profound, nothing deep, or exciting. Lots of time outside, planting and weeding, sanding and painting. Lots of time inside, organizing and cleaning, ironing and crafting.

And in my pile of vintage linens, I came across this piece and thought you’d get a kick out of it.

Isn’t she lovely?!

53 thoughts on “Doing Sew Sew

  1. Thank you for sharing this vintage linen. One of my sisters now works at Cornell in the Fabrics/Fashion department and is also raising Icelandic sheep. She attended a weekend workshop about wool recently, and the photos she shared on FB of looms and weaving with brilliantly dyed wool made me think immediately of you…

    • We can all appreciate the quality of the stitching, can’t we? Probably the most basic embroidery stitches there are and yet they are done so well.

  2. I recognise that!! My mum would get given embroidery patterns when I was very young (early 1970s) and that was one of them. I doubt she finished it; it’s probably in her loft with all the other unfinished sewing projects.

    • Oh, how fun! You need to get up in that loft and find her! Or not. πŸ˜‰ But I think it’s neat that you’ve “met” her before. I’m a little surprised to hear it was from the ’70s, though. She looks more old-fashioned than that!

      • I gave no idea gow old the kit was. Mum told me last year that she finally threw out / passed on the matinΓ©e coat she started knitting for me whe she got pregnant. That was 1970!

    • It’s really interesting, isn’t it? That, even with this very simple embroidery, we can tell how good the stitcher was. It motivates me to get better at the basics!

    • Absolutely done by hand and perfect in every way; a very good stitcher. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it–it has a couple small holes, off on one side. It could be re-purposed for decor in a sewing room . . . if I had a sewing room.

  3. This piece has very clear, straight, and concise embroidery stitches. I embroider my initials and the date on gift quilts – but I’m rather clunky with my stitches. πŸ˜€ I particularly like how the hair is “filled in:” simple but effective. No muss.

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