So soon . . . autumn

Imagine my surprise when, last week, on August 15, I saw this.


Embers where there will be flames of color soon

The signs of autumn approaching are creeping in everywhere.

Apple boxes are appearing in orchards, with harvest beginning.


Apples are even falling from some trees.


The reeds in the bay start to grow brown, from the bottom up, as do corn stalks.


What’s more fun about the photos of the bay, are the herons. We see them all summer but they’re solitary birds so it was exciting to see four at one time.

Version 2

They nest very near.


The geraniums, bottom right, are on our seawall.

Late summer on the lake . . . it’s getting quieter already.

Are you seeing signs of autumn? Or maybe spring?!

79 thoughts on “So soon . . . autumn

  1. Nice grouping! And, yes, signs of fall here, too. I must admit that I’m a little sorry to see August whizz by. In Maine, it has been a lovely month. I will miss nights on the patio and going out with short-sleeved shirts.

  2. I am so not ready for back to school and labor day sales. If summers are getting warmer and staying longer, then I want to enjoy the endless summer, as long as I don’t live in Arizona.

    • And as soon as the Labor Day sales are over, we’ll see Halloween mania start up! I’m not one for the idea of endless summer–I quite like all the seasons, in their own way.

  3. Lovely photos, but the geranium with the dew,(rain) drops and spider web is tops! Does planting daffodil and crocus bulbs show signs of spring? 🧐 now is the time I so look forward to seeing your fall photos as fall in the south isn’t as lovely as the north!

    • I love my geraniums–I keep thinking I should be able to recreate those colors in a weaving project. I’ll be sure to try and get some good foliage photos for you!!

  4. It’s certainly coming around quickly again. Pesky fallen apples. My dogs keep eating them and I’m worried about the cyanide in the pips as they don’t bother coring them before scoffing.

  5. Ah yes, the signs are here. Dusk descends earlier; the oaks are turning russet, the air feels fresher. I am ready for autumn but ahppy to let it takes its own time.

  6. Autumn? Noooo. Darker nights for sure, and the mornings are getting a bit misty-moisty. I see Sandra says the oak trees are turning. Not yet, not here in the frozen north!

  7. It’s so interesting reading all the comments too – it seems we all want summer to go on and on….. The wild cherries are in blossom, they are always the first out here. But I have seen no daffodils yet – they were out in July last year due to the unusually warm winter we had. When the sky is not grey there are clear signs of the light arriving earlier and leaving later. It’s been a long dark season this year and I am wanting it to leave asap.

    • I, for one, don’t want summer to go on and on–I’m am tired of being hot and sweaty! But I do understand your yearning for spring–I’ll be singing that tune in 7-8 months!

  8. Signs of fall are all around us in the northwest. Fall seemed to poke its a head a little to early this year but that’s ok 🙂 I love the herons, we have one resident heron that swoops in to the creek ever so often. Such an awesome site and bird …enjoy the last days of summer!

  9. Our weather is still chilly and wet, but spring is poking its head ~ daffodils, jonquils (my favourite), almond blossoms. The wattles make a wonderful glowing display. Enjoy your last days of Summer, Kerry, because your Winter will force you indoors.

  10. Our sign of spring is the grass beginning to go brown. We need the summer rains, it’s been a dry winter. There are leaf buds on the frangipanis, the succulents and the early orchids are in flower. Nights are still cool, but I don’t need to wear anything over my shirt any more on early morning walkies with Mouse.

  11. Love the herons! I saw the one that lives in the park yesterday. It actually stood there at the water’s edge the entire time I watched it. The are such majestic creatures, and for you to capture four in one camera shot!!! Our plum trees have a few red leaves on them, the squash are getting bigger, and the apps next door aRe starting to pink up. School starts next week, and it’s still dark when I get up at 5. Fall is indeed coming.

    • I’ve never seen 4 herons here before–I don’t know if the new ones are offspring or what. They really are endlessly patient, standing there waiting for a fish to come close, then ZAP!

  12. You live in such a beautiful place, Kerry. I love seeing the reeds along the water and the beautiful apple trees. They’re magnificent. I love autumn weather, especially after months of dry, hot weather, but to experience tre autumn colors, one needs to visit your side of the country. We’ve stayed with friends in the past in Connecticut, and once in Boston. I love the east coast at that time of year. Enjoy the last remnants of summer.

  13. The days are definitely shorter but so far no turning leaves. The farm stands are still selling tomatoes, corn, zucchini and peppers. And the grass is still growing like crazy. We’ve had a lot of rain this summer and lots of heat and humidity. Everything is green and lush. I remember some years past when we were in a draught…the lawn was brown and crisp, the leaves were turning early and dropping. But not this year and I’m not complaining!

    • We haven’t had much rain at all–we had a lot in the spring and it messed the farmers up, because they couldn’t plant on schedule. I think the best thing about August might be the corn–people who buy it in a store, when it’s been off the stalk for days, have no idea what corn is supposed to be!

  14. It doesn’t make me happy, but you are right. When I was out working yesterday, I was walking on a sea of acorns falling all around me. Once we hit Labor Day, we’re in for summer’s swan song. I think I’m in the very small minority that doesn’t like fall. Yes, its colors are beautiful, but it is like a long death for everything outside. I guess I mourn the loss of my plants. Oh well, suck it up buttercup, and grab a leaf blower and a rake. 🙂

    • You are a true-blue gardener, wishing for endless summer! I, on the other hand, find myself a little relieved when growing season winds down and I can stop watering containers and pulling weeds!

  15. I think autumn is coming early too. My asters bloomed 3 weeks early this year and we have had a summer like no other in the last 10 years. We’ve never had rain in August. Today is 68 with some moisture. Last year we had triple digits. Leave are starting to come down already. I was not expecting this.

  16. Fall is in the air here, too. It has been an especially lovely summer, but SO busy. I’m looking forward to fall’s harvest and cozy nights of weaving. At the same time, I will doing my best to soak up the last of the summer sun and get in a few more summer swims and early morning kayak paddles. Right now I’m elbow deep in spinning for a session of natural dyeing. Summer’s bounty in color!

  17. There are definitely signs of autumn appearing here too. A few bronzing leaves here and there. But most obviously that tell-tale sense in the air, a certain smell on the breeze, a slightly different edge to the cooler temperature. I love this turning time of year.

  18. no signs of spring down in my neck of the woods (New Zealand) in fact it’s getting to be like Winter finally dropped in – not terribly cold, just damp. I’m in the Northern part of the North Island, so the closest we get to snow is storms – often with hail showers…We haven’t had many frosts or even the dreaded fog…both signs of winter.

    the snow ski areas are only just seeing proper snow, many of the fields didn’t open on time, and quite a few had to use snow making machinery…

    I read somewhere it has to do with extraordinary rare happenings in the south pole region…NZ is close to the Sth Pole

    • One of my other commenters from NZ said that wild cherries were in bloom near her. She must live in a different part of your country! Of course, many parts of the USA never see the autumn we see in the northeast part of the country–dramatic differences, all in one country!

  19. Four herons?! I also think they may be a family; young ones that fledged this summer. Signs of autumn here; all the summer crops have been harvested and the fields are being ploughed ready for re-seeding. A number of trees with leaves changing colour, though that is probably due to stress from not enough water. Plenty of fruit ready for picking and my daughter has been sent the date for her university registration next month. Summer has raced by this year!

    • I’m sure you’re right about the herons. It’s a thrill to see so many at one time and I haven’t since that night. University classes are already starting here–the town was mobbed yesterday, near the local college, with students moving into dormitories!

  20. I like all of the seasons, but winter. By the coast our leaves turn brown from the heat and humidity then fall off; no beautiful fall colors here. My summer ends when my school starts back (we’ve been in session for 2 weeks now). By mid-October it feels like fall to me. I’m always a little melancholic to see summer end.

    • When I was teaching college, I had a whole different idea about when summer ended–too soon! And now that I’m retired, I don’t even really mind winter–I don’t have to go out in snow, usually, unless I want to.

  21. Will be here before we know it, won’t it? August does a good job of making me ready for it. So tired of watering and deadheading and still things look worn out in the yard. But, ugh, winter is coming…

  22. I always feel a little sad when the days get shorter. I love long days and time to sit out and read and walk after dinner in the daylight. Other than that, summer will be sticking around. Halloween is the turning point.

  23. I always want to hold off autumn just a bit longer. Around here, it’s the bloom of the wild cucumbers that tell you the season is about to change. No-one can hold off autumn when the wild cucumber blooms….

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