Shades of Autumn (photo heavy again!)


This has been an autumn of incomparable beauty in these parts!

Do I say that every year?

I believe I do and, yet, this year seems special. It might be because I have taken more than the normal number of opportunities to get out and enjoy this fall. I’ve taken multiple leaf-peeping drives with my mom, made that trip to the Wild Center with Don, and had a bracing walk in the woods with a friend.

I’ve sought out autumn color, in panoramic views.

And up close.

In the mountains.

And by the lake.


And subtler.

In my own yard.

The best thing about autumn here, maybe, is that it shows up everywhere. Even on the ugliest commercial highway, I’ll see one glorious tree. Or in a muddy patch, one bright leaf. At every turn of the road, is a new reason to gasp out loud and stop and admire.

This year I’ve made a point to drive rural roads where there’s so little traffic I can hit the brakes, put the car in reverse, and go back to take a good look at a view I glimpsed out of the corner of my eye.

And try to capture it in a photo, or ten, to share with you.

And still, I never, ever, feel like the photos do justice to the scenes. The colors don’t sparkle, the leaves don’t shimmer in the crisp breeze, and photos can’t convey the glory of it all.

And yet every year I try.

So here you have Autumn 2019. It was all an autumn should be.

The big rains and wind came a couple days ago and took most of the leaves down.

And we are reminded again of the evanescence of beauty, the moment that passes too quickly, that “nothing gold can stay.”  We must appreciate the gold, and the good, while we can.


83 thoughts on “Shades of Autumn (photo heavy again!)

  1. What! You stop and back up on rural roads! Oh, you’re the ones making hazards, beyond the usual deer or cattle in the road, for us full time rural residents (ha, ha, just joking, we actually watch our for you this time of year, knowing that your are overwhelmed with emotion at the color, thus not thinking about Dept. of Transportation rules about safe driving). – Oscar

  2. “Winter is an etching, spring is a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.”
    – Stanley Horowitz
    You have captured this mosaic beautifully – thank you for sharing

  3. Simply stunning! You are lucky to be in such a beautiful part of the world. I’m currently getting through our last autumn in London before moving to the Scottish Highlands. Autumn is my favourite time of year and hopefully I’ll get to see something similar to you next year but for now I’m happy living Autumn through your eyes.

  4. The colors just make my heart sing, seeing all those hardwood trees in their glory. We are mostly yellow here, and the snow sped things up quite a bit, but we did have a lovely week here! Thank you for giving me my autumn color fix every year, I so enjoy your photos!

    • As you said in a previous comment, we do autumn par excellence! Or at least we do here, in the Northeast. The country is so big, there’s a lot of variation in other regions.

  5. Despite the difficulty of capturing it on camera, you haven’t done a half bad job Madam!!
    I’m still waiting for ‘the turn’ to happen here as we seem to be stubbornly holding on to late Summer.

  6. I love to see your vibrant colour and those blue skies add to the beauty of it all. Here there are few native deciduous trees, we remain determinedly shades of green all year round. The few stands of imported exotics that are found in parklands and some parts of the country make a small but delightful autumnal blaze of colour that only the locals, and determined tourists, get to enjoy. Luckily for me I have some exotoc specimens in my local park and I love to admire their colour in the autumn and watch them dress again in spring. It seems autumn comes each year to remind us to enjoy the colour of our lives while we can. This too shall pass. 🙂

    • The blue sky and sunshine make such a difference to the look of autumn. My mom and I took a drive on an overcast day and it was lovely but . . . diminished. Then a few days later, we took the same drive on a sunny day–oh, my! It was everything we hoped for! And I agree–autumn is beautiful but so fleeting, like life . . .

  7. Oh , thank you my friend!!! I lingered over every one to soak in its beauty,yes, I understand that it’s not the same as seeing it with the naked eye but for this southern girl it was wonderful!

  8. Thank you for sharing these beautiful images, Kerry. We were experiencing some extraordinary colors this year and then what they called that bomb cyclone blew through (taking down lots of trees and wires) and the majority of the leaves have fallen. Now they are on my lawn.

    • I wondered if you were in the middle of that weather! We got wind but a lot of the leaves hung on. The leaves are not nearly as attractive when they need to be raked . . . .

  9. The eastern U.S. does autumn so well. I think it’s Ohio’s best season, and it looks pretty good in NY as well. Now if you could just include the smell of autumn with your lovely pics…

  10. sometimes we don’t need to see the actual beauty afterwards in our snapshots…but we can see it all within ourselves. okay, so you think we can’t see that sparkle, that crispness or the colour minute changes, but we (at least I) appreciate you took the time to show me…and just maybe I can too can see those subtle changes…

  11. I did a little vicarious “forest bathing” this morning thanks to your BEAUTIFUL photographs. Just paused to admire and breath each one in. Thank you for documenting and sharing all of this beauty with the rest of us!

    • Thanks, Will! We all could benefit from forest bathing right about now, right? Just to get away from all the noise and drama of the newscasts and daily life . . .

    • Thanks, Clare! This has been a banner year for leaf-peeping. Some years I’m busy or the weather doesn’t cooperate and I feel like I’ve missed autumn altogether. This year, I’ve really made the most of it!

  12. Glorious pictures! I particularly liked the pheasant one. They are so elusive. Fall is beginning here, but I’m not sure it’s going to be a pretty one. August and September were very dry and so the leaves started to crisp….I’m headed to a fiber festival in Asheville this weekend, so perhaps they will have more Fall than we do…

    • Thanks for noticing the pheasant! Not the best photo–I was driving and saw him and kind of panicked about getting his picture! I hope you get some sort of foliage color–Asheville is supposed to be a beautiful area, right?

  13. The colors are exquisite and so are your photos. I understand, too, trying to capture with a camera what is probably un-catchable: the smell in the air, the damp earth, the cool mist, all of it. You live in such a beautiful part of the country. I also loved your last few words. Lovely post, Kerry.

      • And we’re the opposite – still officially spring but we had our hottest November day in 4 years here yesterday (nearly 37 degrees and we live near the coast). I much prefer the transitional seasons of autumn and spring! The snow must be so pretty but not so much fun to live through – good luck!

  14. Our Autumn colors have faded with the recent cold temps (29F overnight/barely 40s daytime). Last night’s snow forecast went more south and east (yay!) so just cold and wet this a.m. Your photos are amazing!!! We lack most of that brilliant orange around us, as we live surrounded by state hardwood forest….mostly oaks, hickorys and black walnuts. Our thoughts (especially DH’s) are turning toward our trek to Texas (right after Christmas). The temps in that region are still a bit too summery most days for me!

  15. Love your pictures. It makes me think of where I grew which is just down the road from you I think. I loved seeing the pheasant. My dad participated in a state program in New York to help repopulate years ago.

    • That’s so interesting, about your dad and the pheasants! We rarely see them so I had to include that photo, even though it wasn’t very good. Thanks for stopping by!

  16. Just don’t get those vibrant colors by the coast. Late summer just burns the leaves crumbly brown…then BAM!…it’s winter. Very pretty images.

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