Going Dark for Now

I’ve always become unsettled when a favorite blog pal suddenly disappears. I worry, you know?

So, while it seems odd to be writing my personal stuff here, it would feel odd not to as well. And I wouldn’t want anyone to have to wonder what ever became of me.

Don, my husband, had a stroke a couple of weeks ago. And then there were other medical complications and he is still in the hospital, with clear deficits caused by the stroke.

Suddenly, my time is full of things more important things than blogging.

I am hopeful that he will go to rehab soon and that he’ll regain a lot of what’s been lost. And I am hopeful that, someday, I’ll be back to chat with you about the things we all love.

In the meantime, take good care. I’ll miss you.

67 thoughts on “Going Dark for Now

  1. Kerry, I haven’t been around much recently… as you can see I’m only reading this near the end of the month. On a practical note, I am an occupational therapy and specialize in stroke rehab. If you need information, contact me via e-mail at lmlars@harydnet.com. – Oscar

  2. Just saw your post today and I’m hoping your husband’s recovery and rehab are going well. I pray for him and also for you as his caregiver. Know that there are a lot of us thinking of you during this difficult time.

  3. I’ve been thinking of you since you announced your difficult news. As you haven’t posted over the last few weeks, I’m fearing that maybe things aren’t going too well. Sending positive thoughts and (even though we’ve never met in person) a very big hug.

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    • Hi Cynthia–How nice to hear from you! We’re both doing well–Don made a really good recovery and we are both just staying out of the fray and enjoying our low-key life. If you want to contact me in the future, you can email kerrycan2 gmail com. I hope you’re safe and well!!

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