ScrapHappy: Fusion Redux #3

When last we scrapped happily together, we had finished doing the blanket stitching around the outside of the squares. The blanket stitch is attractive in its own right but its real purpose is to serve as the base of the … Continue reading

ScrapHappy: Fusion Redux #2

My current scrappy project, a second fusion quilt, will keep me in ScrapHappy posts for months to come! When I left you last time, we had just turned the squares right side out and were a little horrified at the … Continue reading

ScrapHappy: Fusion Redux

Those pretty scraps do accumulate . . . As recent posts suggest, I’ve been knee-deep in vintage linens. Summer is the perfect time to slog through my bins of old linens, clean them up, iron and photograph them, and get … Continue reading

Finally, Fusion Finished!

Have you ever wanted something real bad and then, when you get it, all you can do is sit and grin at it? I’ve been grinning at my finished fusion quilt for a couple of weeks now and I figure … Continue reading

The Perfect Fusion: HQAL and ScrapHappy

The stars are aligned, with a perfect confluence of energy. In a serendipitous meshing of ley lines, the designated dates for ScrapHappy and for the Hand Quilt Along have come together on this very day. My scrappy weaving is finished … Continue reading

A Perfect Fit: The Fusion Quilt

It’s a project that fits me perfectly. I mean, I love all the projects I engage in but this one . . . This one, this making of small squares for a so-called fusion quilt, is a perfect match. It … Continue reading

It Took Two

A project finished. Where to turn next? I needed a new project to work on in the evening, something portable and easy to pick up, and put down. After the long months of working on the fusion quilt, I wanted … Continue reading

Hand Quilt Along: Women’s Rights

On November 8, 2016, I watched our US election returns, fully expecting that we would be welcoming our first woman president. As I watched, I embroidered on this block, with the words of the woman I was sure would be … Continue reading