Regrouping, and the Giveaway


I promised a giveaway.

Then I postponed it, after last week’s US election.

I thought I would associate the weaving of the towel I’m about to give away with the utter devastation I felt last week, and I didn’t want it tainted that way.

Now, I find, that, instead, that I will weave the towel and, all the while, I will be thinking about the generosity of spirit shown by you, my friends in the blogging community.

Amid stormy seas, I have been buoyed by your support. I do feel better now,

Now, it’s not just you, of course. Certainly talking and commiserating with local friends has helped.

A lot of what I’m reading on Facebook has helped—really, it has! I skip the items that add to my unease and read the passionate, the funny, the irreverent reactions.

My favorites, I think, are Barack and Joe memes, imagining conversations between our wonderful current president and vice president. These jokes are juvenile, yes, and make me snort with laughter. (Truly, just Google “Barack and Joe”—I bet you’ll laugh.)

And, like everyone else in the Western world, it seems, I shed a tear to the opening moments of Saturday Night Live last week, with Kate McKinnon depicting a solemn, introspective Hillary Clinton singing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” I shed a tear but still, somehow, felt comforted.

Also, like so many, I’ve spent happy moments trying (and failing) to capture a good photo of the Supermoon, while the inexorable rising and setting of that moon reminds me of things larger than our election.

Hugging a small baby helped; watching a 3-year-old sing “It’s A Wonderful World,” to cheer up his parents post-election—that helped, too. Going out to lunch, having dinner with dear friends, all the things that are always pleasurable, took on new power to lift me up.

But, in large part, the overwhelming response from you folks, in the face of your own feelings and opinions on the subject, truly helped. I hesitated about posting about the election but am so, so glad I did—because of you.

Do not get me wrong, I have not moved on. I do not see this as normal or the usual business of a transfer of power. With every headline about choices made regarding close advisors or plans for the first 100 days, my heart sinks again, as I worry about friends I know, and those I don’t know but care no less about.

But it seems to be my nature to want to feel good and feisty and optimistic.

So, I’m buoyed by your responses to what I wrote, your caring and the pep talks you gave. I’m buoyed by reading your posts, whether you’ve joined me in my angst and revealed your feelings, or whether you’ve stuck to regular programming and written about the happy, normal moments in your life, the good that is still all around us.

These are the gifts of the blogging community.

I’d like to give you all gifts. If there were world enough and time, I’d weave something for each of you.

I need to start with the winner of the giveaway I announced before the world turned upside down.

My random number generator came up with number 27, and that number belongs to Caroline. Caroline writes Suzanne’s Mom’s Blog, and it seems really appropriate that Caroline should win because, not only has she been wonderfully supportive to me in the past week, but her blog is always uplifting. She posts daily about quirky, fascinating stories, all of which focus on the marvelous, strange, delightful world we live in. Caroline, start thinking about the colors you’d like in your towel!

As I said, I wish I could give you each a gift, as you have given me the gift of support and friendship. We’ll have another giveaway before too long and, in the meantime, . . .

Thank you.