Warmth, Any Way I Can Get It!

IMG_4393The weather outside, in upstate New York, is truly frightful. The temperature, right now, is 15 degrees Fahrenheit (that’s minus 9 Celsius) and that’s the warmest we will see for days. On Friday, the high is expected to be 0 F or minus 18 C. I can’t even bring myself to think about what the wind chills will be!

This is our driveway, AKA the rink. That’s ice and it’s not going to go away.

IMG_4431But I found a way to combat the cold! No, not hot toddies and buttered rum—it’s not noon yet and even I can’t hit the hard stuff this early!

I finally decided to get back to washing and ironing some of my beloved vintage linens—it’s been months since I focused on them and I haven’t listed new ones on Etsy in a very long time.

I figured ironing would help keep me warm. So I put on some music and reached for the items on the top of the pile.

And serendipity kicked in. The music was Jimmy Buffett and the linens at the top were napkins that scream PICNIC! Then I found a set of vintage nesting camp cups that completed the scene.

IMG_4397So, I’ve been having a lovely little beachy interlude. The steam’s rising off the iron, Jimmy is singing about Margaritaville, and these linens, with their fresh colors and stripes, help me believe that it’s possible to be warm in spirit, even as Mother Nature pitches us into the deep freeze. And to believe that the weather will warm up, eventually.

This should hold me over until it’s a legitimate time for a hot adult beverage! Maybe I’ll put it in one of those nesting cups, sit in front of the fireplace and pretend it’s a campfire at the beach!

If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, I hope you’re staying warm!