A Gift of Fun and Whimsy


I received a wonderful gift this week!

I am one of those people who “never wins anything” but I recently won a giveaway from one of my favorite bloggers. Yay me!

Johanna, from Mrs. Walker’s Art and Illustrations, makes beautiful, whimsical things. She creates tiny dioramas, she draws magical creatures, she knits, she lives a life of mindfulness and joy, and writes a lovely blog about that life.

All of her work is light-hearted and colorful and a little off-center in a way I admire; I envy her talent enormously!

She knitted these adorable egg warmers and offered them to be given away in a random drawing. (Look! Her blog photos are exceptional too!)


And Charley, the Cutest Dog in the World, chose my name from the pile of entries in the drawing. I do love you, Charley!

Johanna took this photo of Charley!

Johanna took this photo of Charley!

When I learned I had won, I panicked a little—I don’t really like soft-boiled eggs! What was I going to do with the egg warmers? I promised Johanna I would come up with a use for them.

The egg warmers came in the mail yesterday, along with the original, signed work of art shown at the top the post—when Johanna becomes a well-known artist I will have proof I knew her when!

Johanna says that she has lots of egg warmers because she just loves soft-boiled eggs. That got me thinking about the things I love.

I thought they could be paw warmers for a cat, but I doubted Charley would approve.

You know I love chocolate.


And, of course, I love maple syrup.


Oh, and I love weaving!


And I quite like adult beverages. (Johanna, I included the genever for you—I got it in your homeland when I visited!)


So many possibilities! The egg warmers have already provided me with a great deal of fun and brightened my snowy Easter weekend!

Do you have any other ideas for how I can use my sweet gift? Let me know, and have a wonderful weekend!