A Time To Every Purpose, in the New Year


watch handsFor everything there is a season, so it’s said.

This season we are in, these winter holidays, is the time for indulgence and extravagance and living large, for being social and busy, and for lighting the darkness of the longest nights with family and friends and laughter. Enjoy!

But, in the new year, the season and its purposes change. And I look forward to this season, too, very much.

A time for quiet.

A time for introverts to recharge their social batteries and a time for even extroverts to turn to introspection.

A time for more fruits and vegetables, less sugar and, yes, less chocolate. A time for moderation.

A time for budgeting and cutting back and assessing. A time for making do and feeling virtuous about it.

A time for resolutions and the best of good intentions.

A time for building homely nests of blankets, and crawling in.

A time for creative play, choose your medium. I’ll choose sewing and stitching and weaving and thread and yarn, and punctuate it all with hot chocolate and naps.

A time when everything seems possible, when we can make big plans but not feel the pressure! There’s time to do it all—we have a whole year!

A time where the year to come stretches out, unsullied, like a new fall of snow, waiting for us to walk in it and slog around and fling ourselves down for snow angels. A time to make our mark.

And, as always, in the words of Pete Seeger, one can hope this new, precious year is “a time for peace, I swear it’s not too late . . .”