Celebrating All the Days Together

weddingSee that couple, so young and soigné, with the bridesmaids dressed in white?

That couple got married 25 years ago today.

He will spend the anniversary in the hospital. She will visit. They will tell each other that it’s no big deal, that they will celebrate the anniversary when he gets the “all clear” from the doctors.

And they’ll mean it.

After being married for 9,125 days, this day, May 26, 2015, is just another day. It’s those 9,125 that matter, and the days yet to come.

She channels her inner Pollyanna and tells herself that this hospital stay, this blip on the radar, should ensure many more days to come.

And she acknowledges that being apart on their anniversary may make her even more aware of what a good thing they have going.

She felt incredibly fortunate 25 years ago, and she still does today.