Fun with Ice and Snow. And Wind.

I was having a little lie-down yesterday, on a bitterly cold but sunny afternoon, when the usually-placid cat on the bed started growling.

She was looking intently out the window and I thought, “Racoon.”

Not hardly!

This para-skier swooped and flipped and flew outside our windows for an hour or more, in spite of wind chills well below zero. Later, another guy joined him, so we had a pair-a-skiers. (Sorry.)

Winter Woes? No, Wonders!

mountainsOkay, all you winter haters, I hear you!

You’re over it. You’re sick of snow and ice and drenching rains. And shovels and snow blowers. And big itchy sweaters and clodhopper boots.

Yes, yes. You’re dreaming of crocuses and daffodils and wearing sandals. Even watching the Olympics is failing to stir your enthusiasm for ice and snow.

You’re done with winter but it’s probably not done with you. Not quite yet . . .

So, I want to remind you that winter can be lovely and fun and embraceable.

Winter is not really a dead time. Signs of life abound, large and small, actual and implied.

Winter is the only time for enjoying some unbeatable activities.

Winter whispers its loveliness.

 Winter offers promises of what’s coming next . . .