The Peony Protest

The diverting demands of the season have kept me from thinking new thoughts but nothing keeps the peonies from blooming again. I’ll re-post their pretty faces until I have something new to say!

20 thoughts on “The Peony Protest

  1. I’ve been thinking similar thoughts… Our daylilies are starting their blooms and we just bought 4 new varieties. I think I did post pictures last year as well. It’s so exciting when the flowers bloom. {And we’re eating peas and snow peas and zucchini and summer squash!!!}

    • I think you should post day lily pictures again! Otherwise you might have a revolt on your hands, like my peony protest! How fun and yummy that you’re getting a harvest, too!

  2. Oh for a full garden row of magnificent blooming peonies. How could we have bought a house with no peonies in the yard? What was she thinking!? We’re fixing that but it will take years…

  3. Oh they are so pretty!! I’m so glad they pouted, ( but as my grandma would have said.. Pretty is as pretty doesπŸ˜‰)for you see I don’t have a single one in my garden… They don’t like the Ga dry hot summers. I have tried so hard to get them going but they just limp along for a summer or two then give up.😒

    • They are so pretty but for such a brief moment in time! I didn’t know they wouldn’t grow in the south–I guess that’s one reward we get for living where the winters are long and the summers are not too warm!

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