The Peony Protest

The diverting demands of the season have kept me from thinking new thoughts but nothing keeps the peonies from blooming again. I’ll re-post their pretty faces until I have something new to say!

Love Those "Hands at Home"

IMG_7523Trouble was brewing, a buzz of discontent. A grudge was being held in the garden.

I told them, “No,” the blogosphere did NOT need more pictures of peonies. There were already peonies a-plenty, a veritable proliferation of peonies.

My peonies pouted, prettily. They said, “You don’t really love us. If you really loved us you’d show us off, like that nice lady at Amaryllis Log showed hers.”

Then they pointed out that I’d made time for the thyme. I said, “But it was the best of thyme.” They said, “No, it was the worst of thyme.”

And they demanded equal thyme time. Peonies can be very persistent.

It was easier just to give in and post their pictures.

But now the geraniums are getting ready to grumble, the begonias are beginning to bitch. Heck, even the pansies are petulant, and they almost never behave badly.

Oh, no. What have…

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20 thoughts on “The Peony Protest

  1. I’ve been thinking similar thoughts… Our daylilies are starting their blooms and we just bought 4 new varieties. I think I did post pictures last year as well. It’s so exciting when the flowers bloom. {And we’re eating peas and snow peas and zucchini and summer squash!!!}

    • I think you should post day lily pictures again! Otherwise you might have a revolt on your hands, like my peony protest! How fun and yummy that you’re getting a harvest, too!

  2. Oh for a full garden row of magnificent blooming peonies. How could we have bought a house with no peonies in the yard? What was she thinking!? We’re fixing that but it will take years…

  3. Oh they are so pretty!! I’m so glad they pouted, ( but as my grandma would have said.. Pretty is as pretty does😉)for you see I don’t have a single one in my garden… They don’t like the Ga dry hot summers. I have tried so hard to get them going but they just limp along for a summer or two then give up.😢

    • They are so pretty but for such a brief moment in time! I didn’t know they wouldn’t grow in the south–I guess that’s one reward we get for living where the winters are long and the summers are not too warm!

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