A Blur of Summer

IMG_7471It went by in a blur, faster than the speed of camera, fueled by s’mores and ice cream. The photos aren’t good but the summer visit was!IMG_7407

Two small boys and their mother. Playgrounds and beaches and music. Long walks, badminton on the lawn, grilled food, the first local corn of the season.

Chasing cats.

Time on the water, and in it.

And quiet moments to replenish energy.

44 thoughts on “A Blur of Summer

      • Yes, it’s nice to be able to look back on your posts and see what you were doing months or years ago. And your photos are so marvelous…really brings the post to life.

        • It’s funny–I was so disappointed in the photos because they’re mostly blurry and cock-eyed. But, when they’re all together in the post, they do create a sense of the action and energy of those days.

  1. Quintessential summer! It is flying by, so important to take a little time to capture these fleeting moments of summer…..sounds like you have it nailed down. Doesn’t it do your soul good to indulge in these kinds of activities, and let’s face it ,s’mores help everything! I feel slightly comforted by the fact that we still have the month of August ahead of us….still some real summer left. Yes, we will be spending most if it working the farm and nursery, but a few dips in the lake and maybe a plateful of s’mores will be added to our days. Glad you are enjoying summer, Kerry!

    • Yes, it all comes down to August now! We have a lot of fun to fit in still, and I ALWAYS look forward to autumn. Pretty soon, we’ll begin to feel that nip in the air . . .

  2. We haven’t had our local corn yet, love your photos, especially the little guy on the beach with the watering can 🙂

    • That little guy was so happy, watering the sand! He amuses himself well. I hope you get your corn soon–it’s all I want to eat at this time of year!

  3. I loved the photos Kerry and think it right and proper that they are not staged. For you were having a great time and having fun. I too love the toddler and the photos where your beautiful ginger cat knows not where to go to escape the torment! I had a cat who used to totally disappear when visitors arrived, then as soon as they had gone he would appear from nowhere. He arrived with an enquiring look on his face- as if he was saying… HAVE THEY GONE?!

    • I found out that staging photos with two little boys is a lost cause–just have to catch them on the fly! The ginger cat eventually came around and was quite friendly!

    • This summer has been great! And there’s still more to come before autumn. This week is scheduled to be a little cooler–pretty soon we’ll all be talking about feeling fall in the air!

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