Autumn as Antidote

IMG_4087A young friend liked Disneyworld. He really did. But at the end of a busy, exciting day, he burst into sobbing tears.

His parents asked him what was wrong. Through his tears, he said, “Too much people, Mommy. Too much people.” That little introvert had had enough.

Yesterday, after three days of work at the quilt guild show, of smiling and meeting and greeting, I knew exactly how he felt.

I enjoyed it. I really did. But, by Sunday night, this little introvert had had enough.

I was drained. Exhausted. It had been busy and exciting, but so many people!

Yesterday was my antidote, to get me back on track, back to quiet and solitude, back to myself.

Autumn was my anodyne.

And we fit all of autumn into one quiet, perfect, healing day.

With piercing bright sunshine, a dancing breeze, and temperatures in the 60s and 70s, it was the most exquisite fall day imaginable. The autumn foliage season was at its peak. We started by taking our annual leaf-peeping drive.

With each sparkling, falling leaf, I could truly feel my shoulders settle down, from their tense, hunched state. Silence was as golden as the leaves. We didn’t talk much, except to exclaim about a particular tree or an extraordinary view.

Want to see some of them? (Sorry there are so many–I had trouble choosing! Click on them to see the shining details of autumn in the Adirondacks!)

When the leaf-peeping tour was complete, we stopped for an apple crumb-top pie at an orchard where people waited in line to take photos of their little children with big pumpkins.

IMG_9047 IMG_9046

We went out to lunch, at the spot we knew the beers would be coldest.

Home for a quick nap and then the autumn perfection continued.

A guitar and singing by the lake, the best songs for the last night we will sit here until May.


Warming drinks and steak on the grill. Family and a perfect campfire.


A sunset to bring summer and autumn 2015 into perfect harmony.


Maybe autumn is meant for introverts and that’s why it’s my favorite season. A time when voices can seem a little too loud and we don’t need to say much, just keep our eyes open.

During autumn, I don’t feel a need for lots of people to keep me company—just the most special ones. It’s a time when we’re busy turning inward, making plans for the cocoon of our winter home, and relishing every bright, sunny moment because we know darkness and cold lies ahead.

I know not everyone loves autumn—some see it as a dying season, and feel melancholy. I don’t think I ever feel more alive and energized. After yesterday, I am whole again. I can face people and deadlines and maybe even quilting!

How about you? Are you an autumn-loving introvert?

56 thoughts on “Autumn as Antidote

  1. I like autumn, but I love spring! Thank you for sharing your wonderful leaf peeping day. I whispered this comment, did you notice?

  2. Wonderful photos! I might need new eyeglasses. I thought you wrote “We went out to lunch, at the spot we knew the bears would be coldest.” 🙂

  3. I am a spring loving introvert who loves autumn just as much when it arrives ……… But in summer I shall probably tell you I love it too for its family and friend times [not so much its heat!] and winter for the long quiet evenings working at my crafts and enjoying my own company……..

    See, I started to say ‘I love spring best of all’ and I do, but I love all the changes of the year – even summer and winter when they first arrive, though I am glad to see them depart when finally they move on. 🙂 I think I may be conflicted!! 🙂 Your photos are beautiful and I understand your exhaustion – and am glad you are restored!

    • I can see the benefits of every season, too, for sure. But there is something about autumn that trumps the others for me–and I do think it’s the idea of quiet and wrapping up the social summer season (and, really, we aren’t that social even in summer!) It’s as if we’re allowed to look inward in autumn and be introspective, like it’s expected as the year winds down.

  4. I want to be here…sitting right beside the fire strumming a guitar [I can’t play well] and taking in all of autumns beauty. As much as I love summer, and we continue to have warmer weather here – I decided to light my vanilla caramel apple scented candle and pretend it’s 50 degrees outside to invite autumn here in the DC metro area – when actually there is a warm breeze flowing through my window. [in shorts] 🙂

  5. I relaxed just looking at all your beautiful photos! Wow. I am a lover of summer, but fall is so beautiful with its changing light and its color. I’ve come to think of it as preparation for a time of rest–get things ready so you can snug in for winter. A transition time. So glad you had a day to rejuvenate after all the draining excitement of the show.

  6. Oh Kerry your images are stunning! I too am an introvert that can only take so much. I love autumn but slightly fear the long and cold winters of Minnesota. I try my best to live in the moment and take in the absolute beauty of this season. We are right at the height of brilliant leave colors and just the right temperatures for a cool beer and a nice fire.

    • It sounds like your weather is as perfect as ours has been and I completely agree–we need to savor every second because it can only mean winter is coming! have you had snow yet? They say we might get a little something this weekend. Ick.

  7. I never used to be an introvert, but have definitely become one in the last several years. I just had a 2 days show and was completely exhausted at the end of the weekend! I was physically exhausted from the work, but mentally exhausted after talking to SO many people. That’s why I like selling on the internet…lol.
    Your photos are so stunning! While I am sad to see summer go and the warm weather, fall is such a beautiful time of year 🙂

    • I completely understand about the appeals of selling on the internet! Etsy is perfect for someone like me! I know that meeting people face-to-face would be critical if a was trying to make a living selling stuff but, since I’m doing it more for fun, I can choose! I am glad your show went well, since it took a lot out of you!

  8. What a perfect way to restore some balance. I too can only put out so much ‘social’ energy before my introverted spirit has had enough.Then just like you’ve described, I need a day of quiet…..very little talking, a slow pace…….a ‘ softer’ day you might say. Loved that it ended with a campfire, strumming the guitars, and an outdoor meal. Bravo!

  9. The pictures are wonderful!! The trees are full of color,love guitar with the reflection of leaves. I’m an introvert always in any seasons..but I do love fall,and spring. After winter I’m ready for all my flower friends to arrive.

    • Oh, I’m a year-round introvert as well–I just think fall suits my temperament best! But we are ALWYS ready for spring by the time it makes its way to upstate New York!

  10. I am definitely an introvert and have been known to say “too much mankind” even after a visit to Walmart. 🙂 Glad your quilt show went well, and you certainly administer my kind of therapy. Wonderful photos of a terrific fall day. This Sunday I’ll be off to check out our local guild’s quilt show. I always stand there shaking my header wondering how these folks (started to say women but there is a man or two involved) create these gorgeous tops. And, then I have to applaud the long arm quilting machines because what they do is amazing as well.

    • I’ve never been to a quilt show that didn’t inspire and impress. I don’t like very quilt but I like the fact that people are finding so many diverse ways to express themselves with fibers!

  11. I’m going to split the difference and say I love late summer…. I always take a few weeks off work to enjoy this time. The evening are still warm but there is a gold to the light and the colours are starting to change…………. However being in a late spring… (as in, it has not quiet arrived) I’m just hoping summer turns up at all!

    • The weather seems odd the world around–too hot, too cold, and, especially in parts of the US, too dry! But you’re right–there’s nothing much more appealing than a late summer/early fall evening with that golden light and long shadows.

  12. We (as well as you) should get a hard freeze this weekend. That will take care of the garden for the year. A few weeks of cleaning up and spreading manure to settle in over the winter, then we will have time for some introspective reading and writing. I agree with you about enjoying social events, but then wanting some alone time. Fall is great for that.

  13. Your autumn photos are lovely. My DH and I go on a LOT of day trips here in the Midwest, but we do not have the beautiful color yet…it is late. Love the story of exhaustion after a quilt show…I have felt similar many times. But it sure is fun and a social event as well. Happy Autumn!

    • Our leaves changed color late, too, and when it happened, it happened fast! But it also happened spectacularly–I don’t know why one year’s color can be better than another but this year was superb! I hope you have the same experience!

  14. I love autumn and also find it energizing. I’m an introvert as well, so I can take parties and gatherings in small doses, but like you, need to rejuvenate afterwards.

    Your photos are stunning! I looked at them in gallery mode, with the black background really showing off the brilliant reds, ambers and golds, not to mention the sparkling water and blue skies. Beautifully captured, Kerry. Congratulations on the quilt show and on your glorious day of recovery with beautiful vistas , apple crisps and fires. Perfection!

  15. Just returned from Seville, where the Alcázar of Seville was full, too full, of ‘too much people’. Such selfishness of others to choose to visit when we did! I’ll settle for introverted Autumn anytime.

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