Someday . . .

Someday I’ll get caught up.

Someday I’ll tell you about the craft show and the trip to Florida and autumn in upstate New York (except now it’s over . . .)

Someday, I’ll update you on a lot of weaving and hand sewing I’ve been doing. Someday, I’ll be a regular correspondent here . . .

But not today.

Today is full of outside errands and chores, helping my mom adjust, keeping up with the basic details of family life.

So, today I’ll just show you a couple of photos that makes me happy–handwoven Christmas towels!

They started here.


And now they’re done.


78 thoughts on “Someday . . .

  1. oh, those towels – they are so yummy!

    have a fun and productive day there in the late autumn of upstate NY. Enjoy your time with Mom as she learns how to navigate the world in a new way.

    And keep fiber close to you in mind if not in reality, just thinking about weaving will make you happy.

    I will wait patiently until you have time to share all those wonderful things you spoke of!

  2. The towels are lovely ! Sounds like you have had some busy fun days,and spending time with Mom is special. I have my mom with me for a week more,a real treat for sure.

    • The days are busy and mostly fun. I sort of miss the huge blocks of time I used to have for myself but I am adjusting and still managing to have “me” time. Enjoy your time with your mom!

  3. Another good phrase for my epitaph. Underneath “She was gonna” they can add “Someday” 😉 I’m so far behind I can see my behind in front of me. 🙂 Oh well. So is life. Have a wonderfilled someday. 🙂

    • Yes, that “someday” thing will be the death of me, too! But I chip away every day and, eventually, I have something to show for it! Have a great Thanksgiving, Marlene!

  4. It’s so lovely to have a note from you Kerry – just to keep us in touch. Those towels are so beautiful – I don’t believe I would ever use one though, I’d just hang it somewhere and admire it with soft glances and gentle strokes 🙂

    • It makes me crazy when people say they wouldn’t use a towel!! It’s a towel! Its whole purpose in life is to be useful! Sorry . . . had to get that off my chest. I actually started weaving towels with darker colors in the background in response to people who say, “oh, I would just stain that.”

      • But it’s so pretty………. and towels get such hard use from me they have a very short life! I actually do have some pretty towels that I hang off my oven’s opening rail that are rarely used, they are decorative. I am your towel nemesis 😀

  5. Love your towels! You’re inspiring me to make some! Totally understand your “someday” approach and it’s a good one. Do what is needed of you now. Take good care and “happy someday”. Warm wishes, Joan

    • Just sent you email–it’s so good to see what you’re weaving!! The towels were super fun to make–I think they’d be interesting in non-Christmas colors, too–then it would look like ribbons spiraling up the towels. Let me know if you try them!

  6. I love the pattern, I can’t decide which I like better the white or the red! You are just fine, doing the stuff you need to do right now. When you have time to post again, everyone will enjoy the read!

    • Most people seem to like the red towels but I like the freshness of the white ones–I think they look like peppermint tastes! I’m trying to go easy on myself and to do what i can and want to, without too many “shoulds.” It’ll all even out . . .

    • Oh, that’s such a nice thing to hear! And I am so thankful for you and so many other good Wordpess friends! Thats why I am committed to keep posting, at least briefly–I’d miss you all too much!

    • I sold a couple of towels last weekend at a craft fair, to buyers who were very enthusiastic! And I will probably give a couple away and sell a couple more. Or keep them all for me!

  7. I just read this quote recently, from Lin Yutang, “Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials.” Blog posts can remain undone for now. Weaving, though, is essential! I love the way you folded the towels so that they look like old-fashioned ribbon candy.

    • Weaving does feel essential right now! It’s quite amazing how it calms me and feels right. And thanks for noticing the ribbon candy effect–I wasn’t sure anyone would get that! I should’ve known you would . . . 😉

  8. Some lucky people will be enjoying your candy striped towels this holiday season. It makes no sense for you to write posts just for the sake of writing them. Focus your energies on more of those towels.

    • I will make more of those towels–they were such fun to weave because the candy cane look only came as the weft was introduced. I want to keep posting because I want to stay in touch with all of you but I’ve realized I can do that with fewer posts than I once tried to crank out.

  9. Very sweet! I hope you will let the weavers among us know what the pattern is! They look like candy canes. Are they gifts or for sale?

    • The pattern is an 8-shaft undulating twill–it’s the color stripes that create the cool candy cane effect. Do you have an 8-shaft loom? I can send you the draft. I sold a couple of the towels at a craft fair and have a couple more on Etsy. But I may end up giving them as hostess gift . . . we’ll see!

    • Thanks, Clare–yes, I think playing catch-up is a shared condition for quite a lot of us! Occasional posts, just to show we’re alive and kicking and to keep our connections strong, make sense!

  10. Your short post still resonates and offers us a glimpse into the “fullness” of your life (and sometimes that fullness is good; sometimes not so much).
    Your photos are great and your towels beautiful

  11. Beautiful! I admire anyone who can make anything – particularly as I have absolutely no skill whatsoever in that department! Thank you so much for popping over to A Bit About Britain – much appreciated; please come again. Best regards, Mike

  12. Hi Kerry, I think you did a marvelous job of telling us many things in brief. Even when you want to say more, you have this way of saying just the right words to get us all nodding our heads. We understand life is flying fast around us too. I love the towels. The crisp white one is my favorite too. And I still marvel about how using a different weft color creates a completely different color in the towel. Really isn’t it magical how the whole look changes. I think this is one of the reasons I love weaving. With just a bit of change, magic can happen. It also drives me crazy when people don’t want to actually use handwoven towels. I agree, that is there whole purpose – let them feel needed! And I admit to not using my white ones in the kitchen as often as the natural linen and darker ones. But, that is because I do my laundry with haste. When I can slow down I use the white ones. I love them for the brilliance each and every time they serve me, sometimes in the kitchen, sometimes in a basket, sometimes as a hand towel.

  13. Life is like that at times. It can feel overwhelming. I’m so glad you popped in. I LOVE those candy cane towels.

    I would like to say that we’ve finally been able to wear the beautifully woven scarves from your shop last year, but I’ve just changed into a short-sleeved cotton t-shirt as our temps approach 74 degrees today. It’s just crazy.

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