Chocolate-Covered Hands at Home


I have over a half million calories worth of chocolate at my house right now. Really. My house is where you would want to be, if the “coming hard times” ever actually arrive!

One of my main creative activities is making candy—it is challenging but fun, ensures I have many friends, and means I am never without my next chocolate fix. I sell candy at my Etsy shop, KerryCan (, when the weather gets cool enough to temper and mail chocolate, and I just went shopping to stock up for the upcoming candy-making season.


So, I have 21 of these big bars of Callebaut Belgian chocolate. Each bar weighs 11 pounds.  That adds up to 231 pounds of chocolate! And if you do the math it comes to about 572,880 calories! Knowing it’s there makes me feel all happy and secure . . .

7 thoughts on “Chocolate-Covered Hands at Home

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