To Market, To Market . . . Atwater in Montreal

250px-AtwaterMarketIs there anything better than a farmer’s market on a perfect autumn day?

Maybe the only improvement would be to visit one in a setting a little different than the ones you normally frequent, with some exotic choices mixed in with the usual favorites.

We spent yesterday at Atwater Market in Montreal. The market is set in and around an Art Deco building and opened in 1933. It has interior space with stalls that feature meats and cheeses and baked goods; during the summer, outdoor stalls overflow with beautiful produce and flowers.

Shopping in a country other than your own always brings discoveries and surprises. We bought ground cherries, which we’d never heard of but are obviously related to Chinese lantern plants; these are meant to be eaten instead of displayed. We got chocolate-covered brandied cherries and chocolate gianduja bars. A cheddar made with Guinness beer, heirloom tomatoes, salt and pepper cashews, fresh croissants . . .

I have two regrets. We didn’t have a car so we couldn’t really dive in. And we didn’t buy the maple and bacon-flavored potato chips. Time to start planning the next visit!

14 thoughts on “To Market, To Market . . . Atwater in Montreal

  1. I love the shot of the peppers and the carrots, I’ve never seen different-coloured-than-orange carrots before. I want to take pictures and a farmers market, but I am a bit scared to whip out my camera, sometimes I feel like a bit of a weirde while making pictures. And I love kettle chips! I need to add those to my shopping list.

    • The carrots blew me away! And then, when we went to lunch across town, we had them served to us! They have a slightly different flavor than orange carrots–very intriguing. Re: taking the photos–at some stalls, no one was paying any attention to me at all. When I did make eye contact with a seller, I just raised my camera up and pointed at the produce with a questioning look–“Is it okay to photograph?” No one seemed to object at all!

    • Me, too! And it’s only an hour from where we live in NY! This market and Jean-Talon are the best, according to what I’ve read, but I haven’t been to Jean-Talon yet.

    • Montreal is not so very far from Ohio–you must go back some day. There’s another excellent market but I haven’t been to it yet. It’s Jean-Talon and many say it’s better than Atwater!

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